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"How this pandemic broke my wedding plans"

I had everything ready, guest confirmed, vendors paid, music, venue, dress, all packed up and ready to deliver to my wedding planner for my long-awaited day; the day I have been planning for a year and have I put dreams, money, and all my energy...

I heard of a virus prowling around China, after it had spread to Europe; I did not know that a pandemic would be unleashed and that this would lead to us not being able to leave even my house and where my first concern would be my health leaving everything else aside.

“Lourdes Wedding April 11th, 2020”

On the other hand...

I was very fortunate, my vendors and venue postponed my event, so that when this contingency passes we can have a date again.

"Amy Wedding April 25th, 2020"

But what happens when you aren't so lucky? When you don't have a wedding expert to support you and guide you?; Because some of your suppliers work without a contract and do not feel empathy with the situation that surrounds us all?

Find here 5 very important points that you can follow in case you are in a situation about to throw everything away and you will also find 5 more points of extra details that you can work on if you are just waiting for your new date for your event.


1.- I called my vendor and he says he cannot refund my money back.

Every vendor knows that if it is an alien situation, and as long as he or she can give you the service a refund does not apply; sometimes they have already invested that payment in paying their own suppliers (food, flowers or decoration) to get everything on time.

here the most sensible thing in this situation (which is nobody's fault) is that both reach the agreement and he respects your initial or full payment and he schedules you on a new date where it will be available.

If the supplier does not fulfill what was promised there are always reviews on social networks where you as a customer have an option to give your point of view and explain your situation, but of course it would be the last option since the ideal is always to reach a good agreement that benefits everyone.

2.- My family was going to travel for my wedding and the airline will not refund their money.

It is impossible not to feel responsible for situations that happen to your guests if it is something related to your wedding; however, we all know that it is an external situation and that it is not your fault or of your family. Be calm and see how to help them, some ideas are: calling the airline or checking if they bought their tickets with refund insurance.

At the moment the airlines have hundreds of calls a day from customers with the same request, be patient and see how to leave those tickets open for the new date of your event or a future vacation.

3.- I continued with my wedding plans but most of my guests canceled. photo

It was impossible for you to cancel everything and did you continue with your plans thinking that your guests would go to the wedding ? Unfortunately no matter how much control has been applied in this pandemic; The healthiest thing is to maintain a #socialdistance and avoid groups or events where more than 10 people are around. If you had an intimate event in mind you can still apply an #elopement; What is an elopement? It is when you get married in a "secret" way and suddenly. Most of the times it is in a place a bit far away; where only the judge, your fiancé, you and a photographer are present.There are hundreds of packages since they are so trendy. way and suddenly and regularly it is in a place a bit far away; where only the judge, your fiancé, you and a photographer are present.There are hundreds of packages since they are so trendy.

4.- One step away from canceling.

Are you disappointed, you don't want to know anything about your wedding and your dreamshave been broken?. Always remember that the most important thing is your health and of your loved ones, if you have the option to continue with your plans DO IT!

Don’t miss that opportunity to thank life after a pandemic by celebrating with the people you love the most. No one said that everything was easy, but it is not impossible either. If you do not know where to guide you and you do not see a way out or you find a way to speak with difficult suppliers, seek help from an expert, we are hundreds of wedding planners dealing with suppliers, salons, hotels, and solving problems in a fast and effective way, consult rates, review previous clients' comments and hire one, it is never too late to finish planning this event in an espectacular way!

5.- Take a deep breath!