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We consider every project to be unique and special. Every single detail, from creative conception to technical and executive management, is aimed at creating unparalleled and memorable experiences.

The wide variety of amazing places and destinations where we work allow us to do everything. The beaches, desert, private houses and luxury hotels around the world are the perfect spot for any kind of event. We can design magic for any place that you have in mind because our job, no doubt, is to create the perfect design wherever our clients want it to take place.

As  creative producers and event planners, our purpose is to arouse, by means of what we design and coordinate, emotional responses in our clients and their guests. In any type of project where we can show our art... love is the prime mover. That is why our creative process is focused on emotions rather than on ideas.

Our team is made up of  a designer by profession, with a Master’s in Design and wedding coordination from the Institute of Art and Design in NY, a manager with a Master’s in hotel and tourism management, a marketing expert and an event planner with more than 10 years with experience around different destinations and of course the best support team. We have been working in this beautiful profession for many years and we have extensive experience en event planning and creative production.


We have a very committed team, who also have quality certifications in food, beverage, language, and customer service; Our motto is "We prefer quality over quantity".


Our services includes rentals, floral and decor,  budgeting, catering, set design, travel coordination, location scouting, groups and conventions, planning, design, coordination of assemblies and disassemblies; and much more!



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