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How to have a beach wedding without losing your mind

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Did you just get the engagement ring and you want an unconventional wedding?Do you want to be on the beach and the sea on one of the most important days of your life?And you do not want to go crazy, right?

This is not a vocational test! Is a step-by-step guide to make everything easier when you decide on a destination wedding and you have no idea where to start. As a wedding planner when I have the first interview with a couple, the first impression is of emotion and much confusion, to make everything easier for my clients I give 5 key points to start the process and they feel more secure.


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You and your fiancé have to sit down and talk calmly, knowing how much you can spend on your wedding. This is an expense, it is not an INVESTMENT. Obviously this is the most difficult topic ever, talk about money and how much they are willing to pay for each provider, location for your event, music, etc. With a budget base, your wedding planner can give you an idea to start your quote process.


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Sometimes to save money we decided to leave our wedding in the hands of the cousin or the friend, remember that if they are invited to the wedding they will also want to enjoy it and can not be taking care of details of paramount importance as coordination of time and service. Not only you hire a wedding planner, you're hiring someone to advocate for you and your budget. Always try to have a good emotional bond with her or him, identify yourself and feel that your planner understands you, so you will be always on the same channel.


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When you have the place for the wedding you can know where you need to spend more, along with your wedding planner you can define if the venue includes food and beverage; as well as what you have to add from outside suppliers. Do not forget to book in advance, remember that! at destination weddings people usually book in the season from April to October.

Take care of your budget, I understand there are beautiful places but if they are not within your economic reach do not stress, there are more options where your wedding will look just as beautiful.


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Remember the best vendors book their dates a year in advance. Photographer, music, and officiant are people who always have to reserve the date with economic payment to avoid losing it. As well as florists and catering; they usually make multiple weddings on the weekend in which yours is included.


Photo: Getzemani Lozano photographer

Asking your friends and family is fine, but avoid changing the idea you have of your wedding, remember each person has different tastes and your idea of marriage for more they have in common with you always will be different. The biggest misstep I see brides make Is losing track of the wedding as a whole and becoming obsessed with the minutiae; enjoy the experience, avoid becoming a "Bridezilla" and let your wedding planner take care of the details so that when the day comes you will be very impressed as your guests.

I hope those tips are very helpful and can help you to have the wedding of your dreams, see you next week with more topics of interest!

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See you next week!!


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