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With our design , furniture & coordination, we always seek our client's satisfaction by means of our personalized service, excellent design and impeccable management coordination... plus a "surprising factor" exceeding their expectations!


We focus on personalized concepts and use elements related to everyday life, usually designed exclusively for each event. The chosen furniture, decoration details, colors... do not only create the perfect atmosphere, but also play a key role in our events.

We like working with natural materials, such as wood and antique objects with modern details. We are passionate about creating unique events, with innovative, elegant and entertaining ideas, plus the distinctive and exclusive touch that sets us aside from the rest of the event planners and creative producers.

Our weddings and events make clients become aware of the difference between possible and outstandingly amazing.


We always develop -and follow!- a comprehensive planning tool for every event. We listen attentively to our clients and offer them a list showing the best location, catering and entertaining options. We take care of quotations, payments to suppliers and the adequate management of every aspect of their event.

Whether for spectacular huge events or very private family gatherings, we always offer a high-quality service, of extraordinary beauty and careful attention to details.

We take care of both the creative concept and the technical and executive production, allowing our clients to enjoy the whole process and feel secure about their choice. Our aim is not only to make their dreams come true, but to exceed their expectations!


Tiffany chair gold color
Dior chair cream color
Newlyweds table with Dior chairs
wood table for 10 people
Wood table for 10 people
Wood dessert´s table
Versalles chair
couches camel color
Tiffany chair chocolate color
Tiffany chair silver color
Luis xv chair ghost color
couches beige color

rent the most trendy furniture for your event, if we don't have what you want we design and build it for you, our job is to give you the best event of your dreams.

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