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Are you a "Millennial Bride"?

All of us millennials have characteristics in our lifestyle and personality, as well as each of the generations that has distinguished itself from others. We are also known as Generation Peter Pan, Generation Y or even as Echo Boomers. All of us born between the 80's and 90's belong to this generation. A completely different lifestyle, and we are even the first layer of people who can organize our weddings with complete access to the Internet (which makes life quite easy for us in general).

Millennials we have access to social networks and it is our means of communication. We moved in Uber, instead of taxi or bus. We get to travel on low-cost airlines and rent rooms or apartments by AirBnB . Apart from that, we are looking for styles for our wedding and even wedding dresses online. The inspiration for our wedding is mostly online ... and that's where we find our "bride manual" for a great planning. So you're a millennial bride ? Here we give you some points to know if you belong to the generation of the Peter Pan girls. Do not lose detail!

1. The gift table is online, and your guests can access it where they are. 2. You are a couple that crosses borders, and that's precisely why many of the guests will come from outside to attend your wedding. In this sense the experts of BC Wedding Agency tell us: "A wedding full of details will be a remembered wedding; To surprise the guests there are a multitude of options. A good suggestion could be to make a welcome breakfast with foreign guests, leave individual gifts to each of them in their rooms, launch pyrotechnics, shows and performarmance during the wedding, etc. ". Let yourself be advised by us and be aware of the ones you most want! Discover how to pamper the guests at a destination wedding. 3. Important news is sent to most by social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Surely you just called the phone to call your mother or a close friend.

4. save the datePinterest.

5. The term "handmade" or now known as DIY is very current. You bring back the traditions of your grandmother without losing your style. You make the invitations and details for the wedding yourself. 6. Take into account the online reviews that other users have made of your providers and is very important! 7. You have generated your own #hashtag for your wedding, if not you even have a wedding social manager as Point Weddings is.

8. Once you have committed and date, your cell phone is your best ally. With it schedules appointments, payments, send whatsapps to confirm services, read your emails with quotes and even serves you to look for decoration ideas. The best? You do it while you have 5 minutes free.

9. you have thought or added new technologies to the event, such as engaging drones for photos and videos, to install a charging spot for the guests' cell phones.

10. The formal photo shoot is not the only one, nor is it reduced to one day only. They also have casual photos or pre wedding, first look which is where they first see in their wedding dress prior to entering the ceremony and finally the famous trash the dress to say goodbye to the bride's dress.

11. Your wedding has been the protagonist of the social networks of your suppliers, so unique and beautiful it is.

12. The wedding dress you wear is completely different from the one your mother used in her day. In fact it does not even look like those of the 90´s, 00´s or those that were used during the past year. The new trends and your style is unique and constantly changes to give it a personal touch.

Now let's see Are you a millennial bride? If you are, you surely enjoy every moment of planning the big day!!!

I hope those tips are very helpful and can help you to have the wedding of your dreams, see you next week with more topics of interest!

Be sure to check our social media channels, drop us a topic and/or photos to or post comments via social media. For more information about getting married in Rocky Point México or reservations, please feel free to give us a call at 011 52 1(638)386.5952

See you next week!!


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