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7 Incredible Wedding Trends for this 2017

If you get marry this year, this information will delight you. What are the trends that come? We leave this list with the trends that you must have in the sights to make your wedding the most novel and beautiful of all.

Here are the trends in weddings for this 2017 and we are delighted, because we are going to see the evolution of some concepts that are already a little tired (giant letters and lounge style) and other news that surely will appeal to more than one Bride, But we also say goodbye to others that no longer make us so happy.

If you get marry this year, check out these trends that you are still on time:

1.- Romantic Boho Mood: This year's weddings will be framed in the couple's story, with many details of their life together that many of their guests do not know all this accompanied in a very casual and less structured atmosphere.

Point Weddings design, planning and coordination

2.- Dating Bar: What do we do with singles at weddings? Now the wedding has become a perfect setting for the bride and groom to be the "cupids" of their friends, the dating bar are special places within the party where people who have not a couple can go and talk and have a good time .

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3.- Foodie Buffet: Food will continue to be very important and now delicious proposals have been developed as a great foodie treasure: the buffet, now more friendly - served at the table to facilitate the selection of guests - will be one more attraction at the wedding.

4.- The best men: The best friends of the bride and groom are taking over the processions and it is something very funny but especially special.

Point weddings design, planning and coordination

Point weddings design, planning and coordination

5.- Locations Pop-up: The preferred locations will no longer be gardens, and now we bet for the least expected: ex factories, restaurants, movie sets, cellars, roofs, basements, theaters, museum antelopes everything that has cement , Iron, stone ... urban nature will envelop us in these new weddings, Remeber when you want your wedding in a beach your planner must work with a designer to create the style of your dreams.

6.- Drones: a great advance in the service of beautiful memories, if you marry outdoors you MUST consider a dron that records the perspectives that we do not see as: your way to the altar, your first dance, the atmosphere on the dance floor. Dancing, sunset ... you will not regret it!

7.- Small celebrations: intimacy is the new black, the most remembered weddings will be those that have more details and in which the couple relates better with their guests, choose the quality before the amount, keep your wedding small so that You can fill it with great things.

I hope those tips are very helpful and can help you to have the wedding of your dreams, see you next week with more topics of interest!

Be sure to check our social media channels, drop us a topic and/or photos or post comments via social media. For more information about getting married in Rocky Point México or reservations, please feel free to give us a call at 011 52 1(638)386.5952

See you next week!!



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